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2023 Race Schedule

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Check back as more races get announced in the 2023 season!

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We are stoked to present the following races to our paddling ohana!

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Stand Up Paddle for the Bays

Delaware Center for the Inland Bays

June 3, 2023

Come out and Stand Up for our Inland Bays to support Delaware Center for the Inland Bays! We have paddle races for everyone: 8 mile, 3.5 mile and 1 mile distances. Back on land, racers and spectators can enjoy live music from Homestead Bluegrass Band, tasty & healthy food from Taco Reho and Bountiful Bowls, cold beverages from Dewey Beer Co., lots of enviro-education, raffles and more.

Stand Up for the Bays features 4 different courses in Indian River Bay starting and finishing at Holts Landing State Park. There are opportunities for racers of all ages; and categories for stand-up paddleboards (SUP), Surfski, Sea Kayaks (14' and up only), OC1, and OC2. 

Come out and help raise funds with your paddle people to restore, protect and preserve our Inland Bays.


*Chesupeake Members receive a gift card to our online shop when they register.

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Dam Bridge Challenge

Wrightsville, PA

Sept 16, 2023


Join us in late August for a fun day

of paddling and learning at the race site:

Beginner SUP Race Clinic

Kayak Race Clinic

ARE Outrigger Canoe Demos

Date & Registration Coming Soon!




When you race Dam Bridge Challenge, you help fund the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper.


All paddle crafts are invited to participate — from recreational canoes to SUPS to kayaks to outrigger. Choose from courses for all levels: a kids race (400 meters), and distances in 1mi, 3mi, and 10mi with age categories for juniors, overall, and masters! Spectators and racers will enjoy a festival atmosphere back on land with lunch, prizes and awards, and live music.  


Who Are the Riverkeepers?

Riverkeepers work to protect rivers by monitoring waterways to find and address sources of pollution. Riverkeepers monitor via patrol boat, logging thousands of nautical miles to protect clean water — measuring oxygen levels, temperature, and bacteria. In addition to testing water quality, the Riverkeeper organization investigates potential polluters, and will determine whether a person or party has violated the Clean Water Act. Typically, Riverkeeper finds opportunities for educating polluters—particularly if they did not recognize the harm in their actions—but for more severe cases, staff determines the appropriate legal action.


How does the work of the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper affect the Chesapeake Bay?

Over 90% of the Upper Chesapeake Bay’s freshwater comes from the Susquehanna, and it provides over 50% of the total volume of the Bay. Every day, the Susquehanna adds 22-25 billion gallons of water containing pollutants to Chesapeake Bay.


Fun Facts

The Susquehanna River Watershed is the largest watershed in the United States that drains into the Atlantic Ocean, and the largest east of the Mississippi.

Watershed Span

27,500 square miles in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland

43% of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed’s 64,000 square miles

46% of the state of Pennsylvania's 20,900 square miles

13% of New York's 6,300 square miles

300 square miles in Maryland

Help us preserve the health of this critical resource! 


*Chesupeake Members receive $5 off race registration

bay bridge paddle SUP race annapolis

Bay Bridge Paddle

Annapolis, MD

Sept 23, 2023


Paddling the Chesapeake Bay waters is a thrilling experience especially when paddling under the iconic Bay Bridge from Sandy Point State Park, which gifts racers with a beautiful sandy beach. This popular race will bring together all levels of paddlers to share in a day of camaraderie and fellowship. Each race (1mi, 3mi & 9mi) will present a different experience and challenge, the bay’s shifting conditions add to the fun as racers can experience anything from flat water glides to gusty winds and unpredictable swell and tides from the wind and current. You've been training all summer for this. Time to put those miles and miles of training into action!




*Chesupeake Members receive $5 off race registration.

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